Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nerf Vortex Blaster Spring Relocation - Mod Guide!

This Mod Guide will cover the popular Spring Relocation Mod for the Nerf Vortex Proton, Vigilon and Praxis.

All 3 blasters use the same torsion spring powered disc launching system, so their modding methods are the similiar.

This mod is quite straightforward, simply disassemble the blaster casing and access the launcher mechanism, then relocate the torsion spring's securing leg one mounting point to the left. This increases the initial load in the torsion spring, thereby increasing the power of the shot.

Here are the reference photos for the spring relocation mods:

Nerf Vortex Proton [Internals]:

Note: You can also relocate the spring to the furthest left mounting point for additional load too.

Nerf Vortex Vigilon [Internals]:

Nerf Vortex Praxis [Internals]:

The spring relocation mod improves ranges on average by around 15ft. Quite effective for such an easy mod. :)

In addition, torsion springs with higher loads could also be used too. Here are examples of custom made aftermarket torsion springs for comparison:

Left to Right: Stock spring, 30% stronger spring, 120% stronger spring.

The stock torsion springs are already very strong in the first place, so i was only able to get the 30% stronger springs to fit and work properly... the other springs i tested with even higher loads were way too difficult to install and the internal components could not take the stress, which resulted in numerous cracked and broken parts in my test units.

With the 30% stronger spring installed, ranges improved by another approx. 10ft (over and above the spring relocation mod).

Note that wear and tear on the internal parts will naturally be much higher (especially with stronger springs), so modders will have to consider between performance improvements vs the lifespan of the blaster parts. :)

:: Sample Test Fire Data ::

Ranges are PTG: Parallel-To-Ground (Shoulder height, no elevation).
Distance is measured at where the disc lands (Average of 10 discs).

Vortex Proton/Vigilon/Praxis (Stock)
Average range = 55-65ft

Vortex Proton/Vigilon/Praxis (Spring Relocated)
Average range = 70-80ft

Vortex Proton/Vigilon/Praxis (Spring Relocated + Stronger Spring)
Average range = 80-90ft

Note that the test was done indoors with standard Vortex foam discs. The results are sample estimates for reference (your results may differ depending on materials and mod techniques used).


  1. This seems so simple it's almost cheating. =)

    Do you know how much the relocation changes the life of the blaster? That's always the biggest question for me. I don't like broken guns. (Then again, who does?)

  2. △,

    So far with the spring relocation mod done, my modded test units seem to still be working fine after a few games.

    But the modded test units that use the stronger springs are definitely showing noticeably increased wear and tear, bits of random plastic are rattling inside the casing and the parts seem to be creaking under the extra stress. I guess thats to be expected. :)

  3. I went and bought another proton just to try out this mod. Less then ten minutes out of the box I was done. That said, I noticed after a few dozen shots the plastic wall the absorber rests on is starting to warp. I figure I'll keep firing until the blaster fails and see about reinforcing that area. I have an idea about putting a metal peg all the way through so that the load is distributed more evenly, but I figure when it fails I'll get a better idea what to do.

  4. Clarkey,

    Yes, there will definitely be higher wear and tear on the parts after such mods are done, so additional reinforcements would be useful to help prolong the lifespan of the parts. :)

  5. Slightly unrelated question. I have a Vigilon, which I love, except for the paint job. Are there any cheap methods of paint removal that won't harm the blaster?

  6. the enigma,

    Just re-paint it with your choice of spray paint color... whether it looks good or not will depend on your painting skills though. :)

  7. of topic, but i have a praxis an every once in a while it will shoot a crummy unbalanced shot that falls to the ground quite quickly. Any Help?

  8. RnMproductions,

    If its just once in a while you get a shot like that, then its probably just a foam disc that is worn out or somehow got stuck, or maybe it was fired at an odd angle. I guess that can happen occasionally.

  9. Have you been having the same sort of leftward veer at the end of a shot with modded Protons, Vigilons, and Praxis's that you get with an overvolted Nitron?

    I need to know because I have a pet theory that the single-flywheel system of the Nitron causes the leftward hook by imparting too much spin on the disks when overvolted.

  10. Markus,

    Yes, foam discs launched from Vortex blasters do naturally tend to have a curved flight path. Thats a characteristic of the "Magnus Effect":

    As modded Vortex blasters create more spin in the foam discs, that effect is increased, hence the curved flight path is more pronounced.

  11. Hey mate im just wondering where i could get the higher strength springs from? I had a look on the net and i could only find one place but as im in Australia i cant get in contact with the company, its based in america. If you could help would be great!

    1. usquidles,

      Well, i got my aftermarket torsion springs custom made to specifications through local manufacturers.

      I did a quick google search and found this link for a spring manufacturer in australia:

      Maybe you could just check with them to get a quotation on custom making similar springs too.

  12. What company and specs did you use for your aftermarket torsion spring replacement? I'm not even sure where to start and I don't even know what technical type of torsion spring that's called. Do you have any usable leads for U.S.?

    1. X,

      Well, currently i get my own company's engineering dept to custom make the springs.

      All i did is just give them the original stock spring for reference and indicate how much additional load i require and they made samples to test.

      I guess you could do the same by contacting industrial spring manufacturers near you, just check the business directories in your area to find them.

  13. Completed mod with protons and has lasted for long time with very rough use/ constant use.

  14. Any performance data for the Pyragon?

    1. Anonymous,

      Same performance stats as the Praxis, they both have similar spring launcher internals.

    2. That's weird, because when i tested the Pyragon against the Lumitron, the Pyragon shot the discs about 10 feet further. also i heard that the Pyragon has a stronger spring. Could you confirm this please?

    3. Anonymous,

      Well, the range difference you encountered is most likely just due to manufacturing variations between individual units (rather than between the series models).

      I've managed to test multiple units of the same blasters and they all vary around 10-15% in range.

      So you probably have a Pyragon unit that happens to fire abit further, and a Lumitron unit that fires abit shorter, hence the difference in ranges (the performance results could also have been the other way around)... it depends on luck. :)

    4. Another possibility is that the guns came from the factory set up differently. My Praxis came with the spring set on the middle peg, while my Pyragon came set on the weakest / first peg. The difference would be about that much.

  15. I would like to make this mod, but am nervous about the lifespan. I have a sonic series Praxis and would hate to break it, do you have any information on the lifespan? On another note, are there any effective ways to make the discs more accurate?

    1. Anonymous,

      Well, there isn't any fixed lifespan statistics 'cos it all depends on your usage (and luck), it could break the next day or the next year, no one knows. All we know is the extra stress loads will cause it to wear out sooner than if it were in stock condition.

      Modders have to accept the fact that their blasters will wear out and break eventually, and be prepared to fix or replace them... so if you are worried that it may break, or cannot afford it to break, then it best not to mod it at all, just keep it in stock condition. :)

    2. Anonymous,

      As for making the foam discs more accurate, i've not seen any mods which can do that so far (i personally don't use Vortex blasters in actual games anyways, so no reason to improve them further) ... maybe you can figure out some methods and test them to see if it can be done.

    3. Thanks for the advice. I've modded it, figured I'd rather have it go down in style than in regular condition, I get some better ranges slightly now, and figured out that using a slightly thicker rubber bumber guard or adding some electrical tape to the bumper already inside, can help compensate for the new power, also muffles the loud crack from firing a bit too. Doesn't affect the mod's power either. As for the discs: if I figure out a working method, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks again. :)

  16. Hi, I'm in S'pore, I've tried in vain trying to look for the stronger spring for modding. Do you or anyone here for that matter have any place/shop to recommend that I can buy them? Or SG Nerf would you consider fabricating a few pieces to sell to me? Thx

    1. Jason Yew,

      Yes, i currently still have spare sets of the stronger aftermarket torsion springs.

      If you are keen to get them, just email me directly at:

  17. Has anyone considerably tried the weakest spring setting?

    I thought the discs would actually get more spin and a more balanced flight path, with less range.

    True or not?