Thursday, September 22, 2011

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Review!

With the Nerf Longshot being such a popular blaster for aftermarket spring mods, its common to encounter their stock bolt sleds cracking or breaking under the heavier load after prolonged usage. Thats when a stronger bolt sled would be needed.

Check out the Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled!

It is made from a customized resin material and the L-joint arms section of the bolt sled have been re-worked with a thicker profile to withstand the stress effects of heavier spring loads.

Along with its non-metal construction, it is very light-weight and all the parts edges are smoothly molded to exacting detail. This allows the bolt sled to fit perfectly into Longshot casings without requiring any further trimming or adjustments.

The boltsled was tested with 14kg load aftermarket springs and it showed very little noticeable signs of flexing or stress marks over 100+ repeated priming. So it looks to be suitable for such spring loads.

Tests with 20+ kg springs do show some flexing and slight bending in the bolt sled during priming movements. Although it is more durable compared to the stock bolt sled, its not indestructible... so users should also consider using customized shotgun grips to balance out the load stress on the bolt sled.

Thanks to wrxloonie at the NerfSG forum for sending over a set for review!

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Top

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Bottom

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Middle

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Comparison with Stock Bolt Sled

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Close-Up Comparison

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - L-joint Arm Comparison

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Fitment with Bolt & Plunger Tube

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Fitment in Blaster Casing

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Assembled

Xplorer Custom Fabricated Longshot Bolt Sled - Parts & Fitment Video

For those keen on these custom fabricated bolt sleds, check with wrxloonie at the NerfSG forum. :)


  1. LOL! This would go great with his shotgun grip!

  2. SGNerf,

    Was your testing of the Xplorer sled done with a shotgun grip, or with just a regular priming handle?


  3. malee_necromancer,

    The tests i did were with the original charging handle, using the standard right hand priming method.

    I've also tested it with shotgun grips too and that combination improves the overall sturdiness even further. :)

  4. Is there any way I can get this in the states without paying $100+?

  5. bobby,

    Just check with wrxloonie at the NerfSG forum, it shouldn't be that expensive even with international shipping from Singapore to the States.

  6. Unfortunately he just redirected me to Black Tactical, so I believe everyone from the states will have to pay a little over $90, unless I'm doing something wrong on the site.

  7. bobby,

    Maybe you could check with them if they are able to arrange for cheaper (but longer delivery time) postage.

    Alternatively, you could also reinforce your existing stock boltsled with metal supports instead, just cut suitable L-shaped braces from thin sheets of steel or aluminum and epoxy glue them on.

  8. Just a quick general question: In terms of performance, effort, and price, what would be the best choice for modifying a Longshot to still accept streamlines? The OMW kits are kinda pricey while the hobby store near me has 12" of K & S Brass for about $4. I mainly play indoors so stefans don't really work that great (especially after getting dents in the walls with my AT2K).

    1. Brian Lin,

      Just do the usual basic Longshot mods (ie. AR removal, spring replacement etc) and it'll still work with streamlines. Those are perhaps the simplest methods to mod a Longshot for additional performance.

      The brass breech mod that i do can still use streamlines too, but it does require additional materials, skill and effort to do correctly.

      Main issue is streamlines are woefully inconsistent and inaccurate, so not as reliable for actual Nerf games.

      Though i guess with indoors game at closer ranges, the lower accuracy of streamlines would probably be abit less of an issue.

  9. What are the ranges if you put The Xplorer Bolt sled, Stock & 18 kg spring + FDL darts but with the rest plastic like the breech.

    1. Dart Taggers,

      I'd guess probably around 80-90ft, slightly better than just with the 14kg load aftermarket spring commonly used by local modders... though it'll be much more tiring to use and rather inefficient due to the limitation of the stock breech system, as most of the air pressure is wasted once the foam dart leaves the stock bolt.

      At that level of modding, it'll be much more efficient to use a fully sealed brass breech system instead, you'll achieve much longer ranges with less heavy springs and it'll be much easier to prime, along with alot less stress on the internal parts too.

  10. Thanks! At Fook Hai building? Is it the place to get nesting brass?? What are the prices for the sizes? Lastly, How many mm is 1/2" PVC?

    1. Dart Taggers,

      Yes, you can get the K&S brass tubes from NTC Hobby at Fook Hai Building, that's where most of the local modders get their materials from too. The brass tubes usually cost around SGD$4-$5 per ft (depending on the sizing).

      If you are referring to USA-spec 1/2" PVC pipes, refer to his chart:

      Not that there are various wall thickness for those type of pipes so their inner diameters will be different depending on the pipe specifications you choose. Even different brands and production batches also differ slightly in dimensions.

      Most modders here use local PVC pipes instead (much easier and cheaper to source) and they also run on slightly different dimensions too:

      Its all a matter of adapting the various pipe dimensions to your blaster mods.

      Hope that info helps!