Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nerf Barricade "Clip Conversion" Mod Guide!

What if the Nerf Barricade could use N-Strike clips and mags?

This blaster modification project is a joint development between SgNerf and pSyK (very cool Nerf enthusiast and modder at the NerfSG forum), without him this project would still be on the drawing boards.

I initially started on the project with an early prototype but pSyK was the one who developed the final design and functionality for this Barricade clip conversion mod.

Full credit goes to pSyK for his excellent design and implementation!

Introducing... the Nerf Barricade ECS!

Before the conversion is done, the Barricades are all modded with:
- Voltage Increase
- Trigger Activated Power On
- Flywheel Adjustment

Click this link for more information on the various performance mods: Nerf Barricade Mod Guide

Okay, here is how its converted...

- Nerf Barricade Clip Conversion Process -

Step 1:

Remove the original 10-dart turret and cut a channel at the bottom of the casing, make sure the gap is wide enough to allow a N-Strike clip to fit through properly. Cut away the turret advancement stalk too.

Step 2:

We will now create the clip securing system.

Trim off the turret advancement stem part way, this will now act as part of the clip positioning design.

In my example, i installed machine screws at positions which correspond to the clip notches and dimensions, these will be the parts that will hold the clip securely in the blaster and position it in the correct alignment.

Other materials like rubber padding or plastic bolts can also be used to create the clip securing system, just experiment and try out various methods to develop other types of clip securing system designs.

Step 3:

Trim and shape part of the casing as shown in the photo below, this will also form part of the clip securing system.

Note that this particular casing part will correspond to the shape of a notch in the front of the 6-dart clip and 18/35-dart drum mags, the 18-dart clip will need just a slight trim on it's front section to match the same notch as the rest.

Step 4:

Remove the trigger lock (found behind the trigger mechanism), this will allow the trigger to be able to be half pulled without getting stuck.

For convenience, also remove the access hatch door and lock mechanism. If you have a soldering iron, you can also remove the pressure switch and re-solder the wires back together (then you'll now have a spare pressure switch to use in other projects).

Step 5:

Add some padding on the dart pusher stem to extend its travel, this will help it to push the foam darts further into the flywheels for better contact.

Make sure the dart pusher travel is neither too long or too short, it must be just right. Keep testing until it achieves a perfect positioning.

The amount of extension padding will depend on each particular Barricade unit as individual units may differ slightly in parts fit.

Step 6:

With the clip conversion done, the dart pusher stem will need to retract much faster so that the next foam dart can advance up the clip to be ready for firing. If the dart pusher stem is too slow to retract, jams will occur.

The solution is to increase the load on the dart pusher stem's retraction spring.

Simply pull the spring back halfway and bolt it down.

Step 7:

Load in a clip and test that all the parts and components are aligned properly.

Make sure the flywheels can spin freely without obstruction. Ensure that the foam darts can be pushed forward and propelled consistently by the flywheels.

Step 8:

Assemble everything together and start running your firing tests.

Make any necessary adjustment required to achieve consistent and reliable firing performance.

Final Step:

Ditch the turrets... grab your clips and mags.

The era of clip-fed semi-auto Nerf sidearms is finally here!

- The 18-dart drum mag can also be used with this clip conversion.
- The 35-dart drum mag tends to be abit too heavy for this current conversion design, it'll need to be additionally supported when in use.

- "moddersunited" at the HvZ Forums has found another alternative method to secure the clips, check out his mod via this Link.

Nerf Barricade "Clip Conversion" - Demo & Test Fire Video!