Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stefan Compatible 18-Dart Clip - Mod Guide!

Most modders who custom make their own foam darts for better accuracy and range use shorter length foam darts which are commonly referred to as "stefans".

The stock N-Strike clip design isn't compatible with shorter length foam darts, as they tend to shift back and forth within the excess space during usage which causes jams (especially in longer clips), so modifications have to be done on the clips to fit them properly.

I've been using stefan compatible clips of various designs for quite a while, but the simplest and most effective design that i've tried out so far is the "guide rod" design.

The "guide rod" design is based on the clip modding technique by JustSomeBob at the NerfRevolution forum and WicketTheModder at the NerfHaven forum.

It is basically a rod that runs the length of the clip and nests within a collar in a hole drilled in the clip's spring loaded dart pusher, this rod keeps the stefans in position throughout. The dart pusher is constantly guided by the rod as it advances the stefans up into the bolt.

In addition, i also make a "slot window" on my modded clips, so that i can view the ammo count too.

Lets start...

Step 1:

The materials i used for this clip mod are as follows.

- 18-dart clip
- 5mm OD K&S brass tube (for the guide rod)
- 6mm OD K&S brass tube (for the guide collar)
- Dremel 767-01
- Selleys super strong 2-part epoxy glue

You can substitute the materials and tools with other similar items, just adapt them to your requirements.

Step 2:

Open up the 18-dart clip casing. As the 18-dart clip casing is usually glued together, use a Dremel to cut along the side of the clip casing. Make sure the cuts are straight and even.

Remember to remove the 2 black machine screws at the bottom of the clip and detach the rubber feet too.

Step 3:

Measure the position of the guide rod based on the length of your stefans.

Step 4:

Mark the measured point on the clip's dart pusher, then drill a hole in it to fit the guide collar.

Step 5:

For the guide rod, cut a 26cm length of 5mm OD brass tube.

For the guide collar, cut a 3cm length of 6mm OD brass tube.

The 5mm OD guide rod will nest inside the 6mm OD guide collar.

Step 6:

Glue the 3cm length of 6mm OD guide collar into the drilled hole in the dart pusher.

Step 7:

Glue the 26cm length of 5mm OD guide rod onto the bottom of the clip casing, make sure it is nested inside and aligned with the guide collar too.

Step 8:

This is what the completed clip internals will look like.

Test and ensure that the dart pusher is able to move upwards and downwards smoothly.

Step 9:

Create a slot window to view the ammo count.

Use a Dremel to cut out a strip of plastic along the clip casing.

Step 10:

Once everything is ready, re-assemble the clip with epoxy glue (use rubber bands to clamp the casing securely during curing).

Step 11:

Its done!

Check the ammo count by viewing the slot window. :)


Loaded in a modded minimized Stampede.

Loaded in a modded brass breeched + shotgun gripped Longshot.

>> Update!

There is now a simpler method posted up by hanzo at the NerfSG Forum, and it doesn't require the clip to be opened up.

Check out his guide in this link: