Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Internals Guide!

This guide will serve as a reference for the internals of the Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm.

For a detailed review of the Nerf Speedswarm, click Here.

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Casing Removed

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Internal Layout

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Internal Components

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Motor System

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Direct Spring Plunger

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm - Direct Plunger Internals



  1. cool looks like it has the same rotation cam as the rapidfire-20 and a very simply half gear setup to cock the plunger, not even any special switch setups like in the stampede which would explain why you sometimes hear the motors winding backwards when you release the trigger

  2. can it be wired to prime when turned on but not fire till the trigger it pulled and then prime again, oppose to priming and firing after the trigger is pulled, so it would be pull trigger = fire, prime, not prime fire?
    basically make it semi auto and not have a fire delay

  3. harpuia,

    I guess its possible, just have to install some sort of timing control system to the circuit to separate the priming and firing sequence.

    I'm not an expert in these setups though, so this question is open to all those DIY electronics gurus out there... any suggestions? :)

  4. you can't use the motor to keep the plunger primed without risk of burning the motor.
    maybe a electromagnet and a piece of metal on the plunger
    a switch at the back of the blaster cut the motor and turn on the electromagnet
    the trigger cut the electromagnet,the plunger shoot the switch turn on the motor to prime the plunger and the cycle start again or something like that

  5. Motor looks to be a 200 series Mabuchi, possibly 280. This could be a problem. Harpuia, it seems you always post comments about converting FA electric springers to selective fire or SA. Anyway, if you wanted to keep the plunger cocked before trigger pull, you would need either active electronically controlled motor braking, or a separate electric brake to hold the spring load. The switches and wiring would be fairly simple and aren't an electronics task in themselves. Dynamic motor braking as seen in the stampede action is not an option, because that can't hold a nonzero torque at zero motor RPM which is what you would need to stop the primed spring from spinning the motor.

  6. How do you get guns way before they come out in stores?

  7. Morrockuy Max,

    From various toy supplier sources. :)

  8. so is this system exactly the same as the swarmfire?

  9. Pjotrkuh,

    Yes, it uses the same internal system design.

  10. good thing to know if you wrecked your swarmfire, cheap-ish replacement parts......

  11. is the plunger tube about the size of a swarm-fires?

  12. wanna-be,

    Yes, its plunger tube is around the same size as the Swarmfire's plunger tube, their springs have the same dimensions.

  13. Could you maybe figure out how to make a barrel extension out of the front portion of the Vulcan?

  14. Unknown,

    Sure, just attach a barrel extension piece or stick a pipe or tube into the front of the Vulcan. Simple.

  15. Lanh, Duc, Joey & Sydney Nguyen-Khoa,

    Its similar to the Swarmfire's stock spring, around 3-4kg load.

  16. You were always a perfectionist SG,
    and you still are. :-)

  17. Hey SG. Do you think a motor replacement would be do-able in this blaster?

    1. Gmcnerfproj,

      Yes, just find a suitable sized and specification motor to replace it.