Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lanard Big Salvo Mod Guide!

The Lanard Big Salvo is an air-tank based blaster that can fire foam arrows in both semi-auto or burst "salvo".

This configuration is an ideal base to create a blaster that can fire foam darts too.

Here is a very easy mod to convert it from firing only foam arrows, to also being able to fire foam darts. In fact, this mod is so simple... it'll only take a few minutes to do. :)

Step 1: Remove the Air Baffles (AB) from the launcher tube tips. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to grip onto the baffle vents, then just twist it to remove.

Step 2: Cut to length your choice of barrel tubes. Use barrel tube material that can fit into the existing launcher tubes. Make sure the barrels have an air-tight seal within the launcher tubes.

In my example, i use 4 x 6" lengths of ½" ID smoked grey PETG tubes that slot perfectly into the launcher tubes.

Its done!

Pump it up, load the foam darts into the barrels... and fire! :)

Foam arrows can still be used after this mod is done, therefore you could fire both foam arrows and foam darts at the same time too.

Useful for Nerf game scenarios where there are additional special rules for foam arrow/missile hits. :)

:: Sample Test Fire Data ::

PTG: Parallel-To-Ground (Shoulder height, no elevation)
ATG: Angled-To-Ground (Aimed higher, 30 degrees elevation)

Distance is measured at where the dart lands (Average of 4 darts).

Firing foam darts:

PTG = 75 ft
ATG = 90 ft

Note that the test was done indoors with customised foam darts. The results are sample estimates for reference (your results may differ depending on foam darts, materials and mod techniques used).


  1. Hey dude where'd u get this?i really want one and where do they sell fireflies in SG? Please reply =)

  2. VersatileChicken,

    I got the Big Salvos from an overseas seller, its not found in local stores.

    The Nerf Firefly is not avaliable in SG either, have to order from overseas.

  3. where did you get those smoked grey PETG?and how much is it?it's so cool!

  4. weaponhazard,

    The smoked grey PETG pipes were purchased from aquarium shops in SG. Around $5 per metre. :)

  5. wow such cheap pricing,and such simple shops!do they come in 1/2 inch?

  6. weaponhazard,

    Yup, most modding materials are found in hardware or hobby shops.

    The smoked grey PETG tubes i use have a ½" internal diameter (ID).

  7. ok..but which aquarium stall could i get it?i tried my neighbourhood one but they don't carry them

  8. weaponhazard,

    It depends on luck i guess, i just happen to find them at random aquarium shops that i pop into when i go shopping.

    I guess you'll have to check at various shops to find such PETG tubes (or similiar versions) in stock.

  9. oh,do they come in other colours?such as clear?

  10. weaponhazard,

    Yup, PETG tubes are actually more commonly found in clear transparent versions.

    I've spotted other colours before too, ie. green tint, yellow tint etc, depends on the type of PETG.

  11. SGnerf where do you get your PETG? from Split on nerfhaven or from another source?

  12. VersatileChicken,

    I've sourced PETG tubes from various hobby and aquarium shops, actual usage depends on the application fit and how well the tubes fit my customised foam darts.

    So far, the PETG tubes that i've sourced from aquarium shops in SG tend to fit my foam darts and blaster modifications well, so those are what i currently use the most.

  13. Do you know if split on nerfhaven ships his PETG internationally?if not then what is the name of your supplier?

  14. VersatileChicken,

    You'll have to check with the sellers on NerfHaven directly and arrange international shipping on the items they have for sale.

    Alternatively, check the NerfSG forum trading section as there are modders there who have ordered PETG tubes from NerfHaven sellers, and may have spare PETG tubes for sale.

    You can also find PETG tubes at local aquarium shops, most of them usually carry the same types and specs of PETG tubes, just depends on luck whether they have the right ones in stock. :)

  15. Bit of an old post, but was this able to fire stock darts okay? I got mine and took the endcaps off and it fires whistlers/stickies fine, but with these barrels will it fire streamlines?

    1. MacTrekkie,

      The stock barrels are too wide for streamlines, but if it is modded with additional barrels that have suitable IDs, it'll able to fire streamlines (or any other types of foam darts too).

  16. Would you classify the ammo as 'rockets' or 'arrows'?
    I really can't tell because they seem like a mix of both...

    1. P13c30fch33s3,

      I guess it can be considered as either type of ammo... it all depends on what the game organizers and players want it to be, and whether they want to differentiate between "foam arrows" or foam rockets". Its all based on your own game rules.