Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photon Storm Blaster - Internals Guide!

This guide will serve as a reference for the internals of the Photon Storm Blaster.

For a detailed review of the Photon Storm Blaster, click Here.

Photon Storm Blaster - Disassembled

Photon Storm Blaster - Back Section

Photon Storm Blaster - Middle Section

Photon Storm Blaster - Front Section

Photon Storm Blaster - Flywheel System Layout

Photon Storm Blaster - Motor Comparison with Tamiya Plasma Dash Motor


  1. Where did oyu get this? I can't find a single one on the internet...

  2. Itsover9000,

    I ordered my sets from (an online shopping portal in China).

  3. This will be a fun project for me. Painting it camo and will be upgrading the voltage,

  4. Sorry for reviving this, but big exacly is the stock? Is there room for a Magstrike bladder in there? OH YEAH!

  5. soloz,

    The shoulder stock has a wider lower section which could fit a magstrike rubber air bladder, but its abit too narrow to allow the air bladder to expand much, which limits it's usage.