Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nerf Stampede - Battery Sled "Quick-Release Catch" Mod!

Ever wished you could do away with using a precision screwdriver every time the Stampede's battery sled needs to be opened?

Especially for those of us modders who use higher voltage but lower capacity Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and need to frequently access the battery sled.

Here is an excellent functional mod from fellow Nerf enthusiast and modder irfanzain... the Nerf Stampede battery sled "Quick-Release Catch" Mod!

Check out his forum threads on this modification at NerfSG and NerfHaven. Full credits got to irfanzain for his simple yet efficient idea and design! :)

Here is an example of a set of quick-release catches that i've installed on one of my modded Nerf Stampedes:

Nerf Stampede - Battery Sled "Quick-Release Catch" Mod

Quick-release catches can be sourced from most major hardware stores and shops.

Yeah, i'm definitely installing quick-release catches on all my modded Stampedes!


  1. Since very little space is occupied by the trustfire batteries, you could put some darts in there!!!

  2. rubesh's nerf,

    Actually... for abit of novelty, you should check out my Stampede Battery Sled "Storage Compartment" Mod posted at the NerfSG forum:

    Lots of interesting possibilities. :)

  3. wow, just did this mod, works perfectly ok. awesome mod

  4. having trouble knocking out the AR.... will i need a philips head screwdriver, of flathead? what amount of force would i need to apply

  5. wesley,

    Any long screwdriver that can reach the AR will do, no difference whether it is a philips head or flat head version.

    The amount of force required? Well, i guess enough force to knock it out. You'll just have to gauge your own strength. :)

  6. Thanks for the tip. This will go a long way to making my life a lot easier on this. :)

  7. cool how you do that i see on the youtube

  8. kenneth,

    Buy 2 sets of quick-release catches from a hardware shop, install on the Stampede case... and its done.

  9. Hey SG, I hope you didn't already state this.

    I was just wondering what types of screws you used to mount the quick-release hardware? I'm noticing that there's not a lot of thickness between the sidewall of the battery compartment and the battery tray, so clearance might be an issue if the screws go in too deep. The screw length would need to be less than 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) by my estimation, but yours look rather substantial in the picture. Did you perhaps cut the tips off from the interior?

  10. The Diaper of Knowledge,

    The quick release catches i installed use the original small screws that came included with the catches.

    They are all too long so i simply used a bolt cutter to cut and shorten them, so that they don't protrude too far into the thin casing walls.

  11. I would think it would almost be easier to simply wire in a charging connector to the battery sled with a simple housing on the outside of the gun, so no sled removal would be required. Just make sure the gun power is off, connect to a charger, and bypass the whole sled issue in one shot.

  12. Stewart,

    Yes, you can do that too, especially if its a RC-style battery pack system.

    Personally, i currently use rechargable 14500-size 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with AA-D converter shells, so to keep it modular, i prefer to simply retain the original battery sled system. :)

  13. Talking about 14500 battery long do they last?

    1. Jeremy Arifin,

      So far, based on the 900mAh capacity 14500-size TrustFire Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that i use, they can usually last for up to around 600-700 shots before they need to be recharged.