Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Blaster Protection Cases!

As readers may have seen in my earlier post on Blaster Protection Cases which could fit blasters like Longshots or +bows... they worked well, but that version was just slightly too small for the Nerf Stampede.

Good News! I've managed to get larger protection cases that can fit the Nerf Stampede!

Yeah... Stampede players can now arrive in pro-style too!


  1. where in the us can you get these and for how much?

    (ps. your blog rocks!!!!)

  2. John,

    Check at RC helicopter hobby shops, these protection cases are originally designed to carry RC helicopters and transmitters. :)


    Check at local RC helicopter hobby shops.

  4. Emman Shafiq,

    These protection cases cost around SGD$60+ each.

  5. if you can't find these, and want a really good watertight case, try pelican the military use them.


    these include padlock hasps, so no one can tamper with your precious gun, and there are also smaller versions of this one which would be perfect for clips & attatchments.

    such as this case:

  6. Hi SG Nerf,

    I have tried sourcing such cases out in Singapore's RC Heli Stores, for my stampede, but prices seem to be above 80 bucks. Do you mind sharing with me where you got these cases at SGD$60?

  7. DenOGun,

    I got them at SingaHobby at Fok Hai Building (South Bridge Road).

  8. Hi SG Nerf,

    I went to the SingaHobby website to take a look, and the case that they sold is for 450 size helicopters. I'm not sure but from what I've seen from my friend's 450 size heli cases, they probably would not fit the stampede.

    Just curious, did you buy the 450 size case, or a larger one?

  9. DenOGun,

    Cases for 450 size RC helicopters come in various dimensions, the ones i got are the larger versions and have a length of 75cm, which happens to be just right to fit the Nerf Stampede.

    Here is the link:

    Note that the price listed on their site is before GST, and you'll have to call them beforehand to check if they still have stock available.

  10. Hey SG Nerf,

    Thanks for the tip. Will pop by that shop one of these days. Just curious, is the foam soft or the relatively harder packing foam? Did you have to cut the foam or can you put the blaster straight in?

  11. DenOGun,

    I don't use the original dense foam that comes with the casing, 'cos its cut for 450-size RC helicopters anyways, not a Nerf Stampede.

    Instead, i use large sheets of soft acoustic foam purchased from music instrument shops and cut them into the right dimensions, then i can store the blasters and accessories in layers within the casing.

  12. To bad you have can only hold the "6-Dart Clips" while it's inside the case

  13. Shnowman,

    The protection cases are actually deep enough to hold 2 Stampedes each, so what i usually do is make 2 tiers of foam padding and put all the clips, ammo, attachments and tools on the bottom tier with the Stampede on the top tier.

    Everything i need for Nerf games can be carried in just one protection case, very useful.

  14. How much for the soft acoustic foams?

  15. lian,

    If i remember correctly, the acoustic foam i got from a local music store cost around SGD$50+ for a 1.2m x 1.2m sheet.

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