Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Longshot PVC Shotgun Grip - Overview!

For modding reference, here is a quick overview of a new "simpler" shotgun grip design i came up with for the Longshot, which i will refer to as the PVC Shotgun Grip.

It is based on a similar concept as my Polycarbonate Shotgun Grip design, but instead of using polycarbonate, this new design is made from just PVC pipes instead

Imho, its not going to win any prizes for looks (kinda reminiscent of the fallout/mad max "post-apocalyptic" style though), but its functional and it works. :)

Modders who are already familiar with making shotgun grips should be able to easily figure out how its constructed just by checking out the following photos.

The PVC grip uses a 10cm length of 65mm SingaPlastics PVC pipe (thinwall version / 70mm ID) and it is heat shaped (i simply put it into hot water to soften the PVC until it becomes an oval shape of 60mm tall and 80mm wide), so that the grip can be fitted on the Longshot without requiring any further modification to the casing. Channels are cut into the grip to allow it to slide along the Longshot's existing groove at the bottom part of the front section.

Note that the oval grip shape is designed to create the extra space to fit around the Longshot's existing bipod mounts (otherwise the casing mounts will need to be cut away to fit it).

The grip arms are made of 34cm lengths of 13mm SingaPlastics PVC pipe, and they are attached on to the grip with M4 bolts. The spacing between the arms and grip are supported with 2 x M4 nuts per bolt which act as standoffs.

I used a 4" length 4.5mm diameter bolt and nut, along with nylon spacers to thread through the original priming handle points and secure the arms to the bolt sled.

So far, this grip design has been field tested to be strong enough for use with most modded Longshots (successfully tested with up to 20kg load springs), and the oval grip shape is ergonomic and comfortable for users too.

There is no drilling or cutting of the original Longshot casing required, and the grip can be easily transferred between Longshot units.

Overall, its a relatively simple build method and an alternative for modders who prefer using PVC pipe materials for their mods. :)


  1. Pretty cool! Doesn't look as streamline as the polycarb one though.

  2. Thank you for this elegant and low cost way to get a sturdy pump-grip on our longshots

  3. Awesome, simple, & versatile design, SG Nerf! Looks sweet, too. Glad to see another great mod!

  4. I have been using a pump like this for awhile on my main gun for aftermath. Those in the states can hammer 1/2 cpvc into 1/2 pvc to bulk it out instead of screws. I also found adding grip tape makes it super comfy to use, and using a bolt with a knob allows me to swap it out on another LS, since in aftermath people can "destroy" your weapon and you have to swap out until you get it "repaired"

    1. Jtest,

      Your design looks great!

      I noticed you cut away the bipod mounts so that the original round pipe shape could be used, that was what i was planning to do too... but i ended up going for the oval grip shape instead 'cos i wanted it to be able to install and swap between Longshots without cutting their bipod mounts, just a personal preference i guess. :)

      Nice method of bulking up the arms with additional PVC pipe to link to the grip too.

      Just curious for your design, is the grip joined to the arms using glue?

    2. Hey thanks :)

      On mine I use Gorilla high impact super glue

      On some of my test runs twisting the arms and such I found the larger pipe making up the grip will break before the glue gives.

      Yeah I did cut the bipod mounts off, which if anyone ever does ACE sells hole plugs that fit really well.

    3. Jtest,

      Cool, will try your methods in my next builds too. Thanks for the tips! :)

  5. How did you know where to attach the arms onto the grip?

    1. reuelckj,

      Just align the arms with the grip and mark the positions to attach them, then simply drill the pilot holes and bolt them together.

  6. HA... I actually designed and built my own shotgun grip and turned out very similar to this one. just found this thread and pleased to see that my idea was the same as yours (you bein the veteran modder that you are :) i used rigid metal stips and angled brackets to connect the grip and bolt sled. i also trimmed the top of the bipod mounts so that the grip would fit without reshaping.

  7. Heya,

    Quick question, where'd you source the 4" bolt? I've checked out all the hardware stores I pass by and have yet to find anything remotely close to that length.

    1. natnojnatnoj,

      I got them from a neighborhood hardware store a while back, i guess you'll have to check at more stores or perhaps at the larger building/construction supplies trade stores to find them (ie. Homely Hardware).

  8. Could you maybe post the measurements of the cuts on the grip? If you don't have the grip / measurements handy don't worry about it, It'll just take me a bit more trial and error to get the fit snug and the draw distance right.

    1. Survey,

      The front narrower cut-out section is approx. 4cm x 1cm, while the back wider cut-out section is approx. 6cm x 4cm.

      Hope that info helps. :)

  9. Hey sg
    talkin about shotguns i was thinking
    im gonna buy 2 more nite finders and integrate them into a double barrel shotgun
    so i will hot glu or somthin them together
    and get pvc pipes and attach them like the barrel break's barrels (for break action) and spray paint the barrels orange

    i may minimize the nitefinders before i add the barrels like this: 4546154809_4a58032bde.jpg (google images)

    so any suggestions or tips on anything are welcome on


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