Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stefan Compatible 18-Dart Clip - Mod Guide!

Most modders who custom make their own foam darts for better accuracy and range use shorter length foam darts which are commonly referred to as "stefans".

The stock N-Strike clip design isn't compatible with shorter length foam darts, as they tend to shift back and forth within the excess space during usage which causes jams (especially in longer clips), so modifications have to be done on the clips to fit them properly.

I've been using stefan compatible clips of various designs for quite a while, but the simplest and most effective design that i've tried out so far is the "guide rod" design.

The "guide rod" design is based on the clip modding technique by JustSomeBob at the NerfRevolution forum and WicketTheModder at the NerfHaven forum.

It is basically a rod that runs the length of the clip and nests within a collar in a hole drilled in the clip's spring loaded dart pusher, this rod keeps the stefans in position throughout. The dart pusher is constantly guided by the rod as it advances the stefans up into the bolt.

In addition, i also make a "slot window" on my modded clips, so that i can view the ammo count too.

Lets start...

Step 1:

The materials i used for this clip mod are as follows.

- 18-dart clip
- 5mm OD K&S brass tube (for the guide rod)
- 6mm OD K&S brass tube (for the guide collar)
- Dremel 767-01
- Selleys super strong 2-part epoxy glue

You can substitute the materials and tools with other similar items, just adapt them to your requirements.

Step 2:

Open up the 18-dart clip casing. As the 18-dart clip casing is usually glued together, use a Dremel to cut along the side of the clip casing. Make sure the cuts are straight and even.

Remember to remove the 2 black machine screws at the bottom of the clip and detach the rubber feet too.

Step 3:

Measure the position of the guide rod based on the length of your stefans.

Step 4:

Mark the measured point on the clip's dart pusher, then drill a hole in it to fit the guide collar.

Step 5:

For the guide rod, cut a 26cm length of 5mm OD brass tube.

For the guide collar, cut a 3cm length of 6mm OD brass tube.

The 5mm OD guide rod will nest inside the 6mm OD guide collar.

Step 6:

Glue the 3cm length of 6mm OD guide collar into the drilled hole in the dart pusher.

Step 7:

Glue the 26cm length of 5mm OD guide rod onto the bottom of the clip casing, make sure it is nested inside and aligned with the guide collar too.

Step 8:

This is what the completed clip internals will look like.

Test and ensure that the dart pusher is able to move upwards and downwards smoothly.

Step 9:

Create a slot window to view the ammo count.

Use a Dremel to cut out a strip of plastic along the clip casing.

Step 10:

Once everything is ready, re-assemble the clip with epoxy glue (use rubber bands to clamp the casing securely during curing).

Step 11:

Its done!

Check the ammo count by viewing the slot window. :)


Loaded in a modded minimized Stampede.

Loaded in a modded brass breeched + shotgun gripped Longshot.

>> Update!

There is now a simpler method posted up by hanzo at the NerfSG Forum, and it doesn't require the clip to be opened up.

Check out his guide in this link:


  1. What I don't understand is how you get your cuts so clean with nothing but a dremel! XD Excellent job as always SG.

  2. Pause,

    Thanks... i guess its just a matter of patience and steady cutting with the Dremel. :)

  3. Challenge time! SgNerf, now go make a stefan compatible 35/18rd drum. :D

  4. soloz1,

    Yeah, that's another good project... the current methods of using spacers in each slot of the drum wheel works but is abit tedious, i'm currently looking for a simpler way to make the drum mags stefan compatible too. :)

  5. Also might I add, SG you have like THE whitest floors in the world. At least I think its your floor... XD

  6. Pause,

    Its actually a white table, but thanks! :)

  7. can i use steffen homemade darts in a stock clip? why do i need to do this moddy thingy?

  8. Lanh, Duc, Joey & Sydney Nguyen-Khoa,

    Well, "stefan" foam darts are shorter than normal foam darts, so when you use them in stock clips, they will tend to shift back and forth due to all the excess space. This causes jams in the clips.

    Just cut a handful of your normal foam darts in half and try them out in a stock clip, you'll see why this clip mod is required for stefans. :)

    As mentioned in this guide, the objective of a stefan compatibility mod is basically to ensure that the stefans are positioned properly as they advance through the clip.

  9. i tried it with the stefans i made and it worked with slightly lower ranges, but it worked

  10. Lanh, Duc, Joey & Sydney Nguyen-Khoa,

    If your blasters are still using stock breeches, the shorter length stefans would naturally have less "seal" surface area within the bolt compared to normal length foam darts, hence the slightly lower ranges. Stefans are usually better suited for blasters with air-tight breech to barrel systems.

  11. but i didn't use the clip mod and it still worked. i don't really understand why i need to do this mod

  12. Lanh, Duc, Joey & Sydney Nguyen-Khoa,

    Stefans can also be used in stock unmodded clips too, but due to the stefan's shorter length, they tend to shift back and forth within the clip during usage (especially in longer clips) and that causes jams, so this mod simply ensures that they are positioned properly for better chambering.

  13. I appreciate the credit, but would prefer that you link to my actual write-up article:


  14. Bob,

    Cool, i've swapped the link to your build guide at NerfRevolution forum. :)

  15. What sort of darts were you using in this tutorial? Those don't look like any stefans I've ever seen.

  16. Markus,

    The foam darts/stefans i use are made of custom molded and weight calibrated silicone tips with customized red foam.

    You can get the materials from hanzo at the NerfSG forum or informer3r at the OzNerf forum.

  17. Also, what is that adorable little sighting mechanism on the side of your Stampede?

  18. Markus,

    Good observation! That's actually used to hook the blaster to my belt for ease of carrying as a secondary or sidearm... btw, it's made from a window latch handle. :)

  19. That is a really nice and clean mod. Well explained too. BTW those are magazines, not clips, despite what Nerf would have us think.

  20. I love how clean that is. The ammo slot is a really nice touch. If I didn't know it was modded I would have assumed it was stock. Nice job.

  21. Here's another question for you: If you placed the guide rod in the center of the magazine and got shorter stefans, say 3.0 cm total, and you loaded them both in the front and the back half of the clip, could you reliably fire these duplex shots? Would you try this with a brassed Stamp or something like it?

    1. Markus,

      You can try and see if it works... but i foresee the chances of jamming would be much higher. :)

  22. Hey

    Can Stefans work in an Un modded clip and breech if the Stefan dart is approximately the same length as a normal streamline?



    1. Anonymous,

      Yes, you can use normal length calibrated foam darts in standard un-modded clips. No need for any changes to the clips.

      Btw, the word "stefan" is what modders use for short length customized foam darts (commonly around 1.25-1.5" length), the shorter foam length optimizes overall balance and also allows them to be used in other clip types like hoppers and RSCB clips.

      If they are made in normal length, then they are just called calibrated or customized foam darts instead (not "stefan" anymore). :)

    2. Thanks :)
      So would 1/2 fbr fit into a stock longstrike?
      Second question, oz nerf uses snap caps on the head of their darts, so would fbr+hot glue+snap caps work?

    3. Anonymous,

      You'll have to test the foam fit of the 1/2" FBR in the stock Longstrike bolt, because foam can vary quite alot between brands and batch (even if they are labelled with the same size measurements), some might be too tight or too loose.

      Snap caps and hot glue can be used for tips too, but most game organizers and players usually prefer to use silicone tips nowadays, as those tips are not as hard so impacts are reduced and safety is increased.

  23. anyway I can do this without a dremel?

    1. sam268,

      You could also just use a hand saw and a hand drill, but it'll take more time and will be more tedious.

      Btw, do check out the simpler method posted up by hanzo at the NerfSG Forum:

      It doesn't require the clip to be opened up (only just need to drill the holes for the guide rods), so it saves some modding time... though you'll need to be accurate in your measurements.

  24. dear sg nerf
    Amsome mod...
    but i wanted to know if i could do this but instead of putting a brass pole cutt the clip into a real smg gun sized clip?
    would it work?
    do you have any ideas how i could do this?
    please reply
    thank you for reading

    1. Anonymous,

      It's possible... you'll just have to cut all the excess plastic on the sizes and then re-glue back the cut panels. A new narrower clip spring will need to be used too.

      Note that you'll also still need to keep the top clip section at normal size though, so that it can still fit into the blaster clip well.

      Its quite alot of custom modding work. :)

    2. k thanks
      if i ever do it ill show you how i did it.

  25. What are the model numbers for the K&S tubes
    KS129 and KS130?

    1. Anonymous,

      The shop where i bought the brass tubes from didn't label them, so i couldn't see their model codes... what i did was just measure them with precision calipers and physically test to check if they fit.

      I guess you could check with the seller to find out whether the brass tubes can nest within each other before ordering.