Friday, May 1, 2009

Buzz Bee Belt Blaster Mod - Ammo Belt Drum!

The Buzz Bee Belt Blaster is an interesting foam dart blaster with its pump-action design and 30-dart ammo belt.

But the common method of connecting it into a loop and letting the belt dangle freely while firing can be abit too obstructive and looks messy, especially when playing fast paced skirmish games that involve quick fire and movement.

Therefore, i created a custom Ammo Belt Drum for the Belt Blaster, something to keep the ammo belt secured in a container yet allowing it to cycle freely (and still look cool at the same time!).

Here is how i made my custom Ammo Belt Drum:

Step 1: Get a CD Spindle Case (8cm tall) and Velcro Strips with adhesive backings.

Step 2: Cut a hatch into the CD spindle case cover, the hatch width should ideally be 4-5 cm wide. Make sure the right side of the hatch (shown in the photo below) is left attached to the cover, this will be the hatch ramp. Also cut out the CD spindle.

Step 3: Position the ammo belt in the drum (as shown below).
It should look like this.

Step 4: Stick the Velcro Strips to the Belt Blaster and Ammo Belt Drum.

Step 5
: Attach the Ammo Belt Drum to the Belt Blaster.
Note how i wrapped the Ammo Belt over the top of the Belt Blaster's belt rotator cover.

Final Step: Locked n' loaded... Ready to deploy!

Ammo Belt Drum - Test Fire Video


  1. Where can you get an empty CD spindle case in SG? I can on find them full of DVDs / CD's, and I don't want to waste money on that.

    What'd be the potential cost of an empty CD spindle case?

    Thanks :D

  2. You can find lots of empty CD spindle cases at Sim Lim Square, check out the computer accessory shops there. Usually costs less than a few dollars.

  3. is not joiniing the belt at together possible to still make the belt turn smoothly?

  4. For this particular ammo container design, it wouldn't work as intended if the belt is not linked in a loop.

    Maybe you could try experimenting with your own ammo container designs? Perhaps a new design that can suit unlinked ammo belts.

  5. What store can you find an empty CD spindle case? I can only find 'em full of CDs.
    Nice build, BTW.

  6. You can usually find empty CD spindle cases at most Computer/PC shops or Music CD shops.

    To ensure you get the right size, bring along a sample foam dart to make sure the measurements are correct.

    Thanks for the feedback! :)

  7. Maybe I should tell my friend to do this but his is broken. XD
    and if u have a cd case wait till ur out then use it.

  8. And why did u put in tart tag darts?:)

  9. I put in the Nerf tagger darts to demonstrate the dart compatibility. I figured it'll also help to make the positioning of the belt in the ammo drum and around the blaster abit clearer. :)

  10. does it take long too load bullets in the
    the CD cover case?

  11. Well, i guess its just a matter of slotting the loaded ammo belt into the CD case, and thats usually done before a game starts anyways. :)

  12. what be really cool if you got the cd case put a spring in it,give a paint job,and turn it into a drum clip for rapid fire rifle!!!!! can you try to make it?

  13. Sounds interesting... though i guess it'll require abit of custom work to do.

    Anyways, i'm already using 35-dart Raider Drum Magazines for my Nerf blasters, so i'm less inclined to DIY from scratch and "reinvent the wheel". :)

  14. like if you got the cs 35 drum mag and replace the top part with the actual clip that would be cool but the tricky part is that you have to fire the bullet with the shell and i was thinking using this belt and also puttin the spring so it keeps feddin the shells into the gun

  15. Wouldn't it hold together better by opening the CD case on the other side, and feeding the belt circularly rather than flipping it over itself, and then augmenting the Velcro with a simple strap around the whole thing?

  16. Aravol,

    Well, i've tried a similiar method to what you mentioned before but encountered some issues with the spooling of the belt in the CD drum. Due to the loose positioning of the ammo belt, the spent section tends to clump up at the other side.

    After much experimentation, i found that positioning the ammo belt in the "flipped over" method was able to guide it to spool properly.

    Anyways, this is just one method that worked for me after going through a few prototype designs.

    You're welcomed to try other methods to make your own drum containers for the ammo belt, experiment and see what works well for you. :)

  17. Could you make an internal mod for this gun? I tried and now my buzz bee belt blaster shoots about 5 feet.

  18. howy77,

    Well, i've modded my Belt Blasters too and got some improvements, not too significant so i'm not planning to do a mod guide on them.

    Perhaps you should just check the air seal within the plunger and between the ammo shells and plunger exit. Maybe a component might also be mis-aligned too.

  19. Does this work with vulcan? I will make one for my vulcan

  20. Seizure,

    Its possible, you'll just need to adjust the modding parts to fit the Vulcan.

  21. Tried this out for my belt blaster, but the drum seems to be too heavy for the Velcro to hold it on properly. Also, the Velcro strip on the drum is too curved due to the drum's shape. How did you get past this?

  22. Daniel,

    Use stronger "industrial strength" velcro... yes there are such things. You can find them at the more specialized hardware stores.

  23. Could this also be use on the vucan somehow?

    1. Anonymous,

      These ammo belts are not compatible with the Nerf Vulcan.